"Richard, Hope all is well. Quick note to say thank you for the awesome job you did yesterday in facilitating our Board retreat. I look forward to working with you and the other selected Board members on the business/funding model."  - Arlington youth development organization

"Richard, on behalf of the Board, I want to thank you for your planning and delivery of the retreat. We met the goals of the retreat by reaching a shared understanding of the main capacity building issues that our organization needs to address. In addition we agreed to a plan of action for first capacity building steps.” - Arlington youth development organization

“Thanks again for such a good session  on Saturday. There was so much material to cover and you steered us through it with clarity and humor, ending with specific action steps, priorities and a schedule. Wow!  Rewarding to be a part of it all.”   - Arlington arts organization

"I want to thank you Richard for the excellent facilitator and coordinator roles in keeping the work moving ahead to a point where we made some critical decisions."  - International child protection organization

"I am sad that we will not be seeing more of you, as I feel that you have done a great deal to illuminate and motivate the board, staff and me with your insights, probing questions, suggestions and through your patience and intelligent sizing up of personalities and capabilities. Thank you for all your leadership, expertise and discretion." - Artistic Director of DC arts group

"Our organization has been stalled for years. Richard brought key insights and resources to our organization, helping us move to the next level" - ED of Arlington County grassroots nonprofit

"Richard Brewster has been instrumental in our efforts to expand the Capable Kids and Families program.   His insight and direction have helped us define our long-term goals and develop strategies to achieve them.  Richard has an amazing ability to clarify issues and connect us with the appropriate resources and people to achieve our objectives." - Amy Beechner-McCarthy, Executive Director, The Community Partnership, Rolla, Missouri

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and time with us. Working with you didn't seem like working with consultants.....but like working with wise friends...Your work with us has supported staff, involved the board and provided the foundation of the mini-mall project in developing this community" - Richmond faith-based nonprofit

"THANK YOU for all of your work.  The whole effort is quite extraordinary and while it can be painful to explore our options it is also very liberating as we do have very legitimate options that we can take." Board chair of Northern Virginian human services agency


"What an absolutely smashing learning experience! I now feel equipped to handle the responsibilities of a board member." - VA Community Health Center board member

"[I will remember most from the training] that my whole organization should know that a limited level of diversification of income is the best strategy, i.e. one main source and two or three supporting (contrary to what I had believed.)"- Williamsburg nonprofit ED

"This course clarifies my understanding and ability to create an effective business plan for my emerging nonprofit organization....Richard was so welcoming, personable and knowledgeable..Great work!" - NYC nonprofit staffer

"Excellent! This was the best training I have attended in a long time. The topic was so relevant and interesting, the trainer was very knowledgeable and the curriculum was excellent!" - Manager in a state Department of Housing and Community Development

"Very effective teaching methods. Loads of anecdotes that kept it grounded in the nonprofit social arena. Wish our CEO, CFO and Board could have been here." - San Leandro nonprofit development officer 

"Instructor very articulate, quick, humane, knowledgeable. He did a good job eliciting and managing feedback. Quite droll." - West coast health systems exec.