The purpose of Nonprofit Leadership is to help nonprofits to enhance the lives of the people in their communities. 

The agency is an initiative of Richard Brewster. Richard believes passionately in the capacity of nonprofits to enable change in their communities and their country in unique ways by engaging people in civil society and providing services that have a sustainable impact. 

He enables nonprofit leaders - CEOs and Executive Directors, and Boards and their officers and individual members - to achieve this change by helping them: to decide what their nonprofit will achieve; to work out how they will do this and how the organization can best be funded  - their strategy; to build their organization so that it achieves its potential; and to develop their leadership skills, practices and behaviors.

About Us

Deep experience and unique insight guide our work with nonprofit leaders. Learn more about our approach to leadership. 


We work with clients across the United States but especially in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Read more about these organizations and what they have to say about working with us!  


We offer three main types of consulting support for nonprofit leaders: strategy development and strategic and business planning, organizational capacity building and board and staff leadership development. And we offer training on these same topics. Find the right service for your organization.