LARS client working with his case manager

LARS client working with his case manager

Strategic and operational planning; program design; fundraising training

In 2014, LARS selected Nonprofit Leadership to guide it through a strategic planning process. LARS is a safety net nonprofit, whose new mission is "to enable homeless and low-income people in Laurel who are in crisis to achieve stability and long-term self-sufficiency."

Richard conducted an organizational assessment, undertook research into the work of similar safety net groups in the area and across the US, engaged board and staff in identifying LARS' main strengths and weaknesses and understanding the main external factors that may affect the people they serve and LARS itself. He then facilitated the strategic decision-making that was the heart of the planning process and drafted the plan for approval by the board.

After the completion of the plan, Richard helped with the implementation, helping the staff to design a new self-sufficiency program, a key part of the new strategy, and assisted the board in preparing to support the achievement of the strategy, initially by learning how to raise more money.

Leah Paley, the Executive Director of LARS has assessed Nonprofit Leadership's contribution: "Richard has enabled our organization to closely examine our mission and vision so that we can strategically focus our programming efforts in order to better meet the needs of our clients. He has challenged us to develop a plan of action to keep us on track to achieving our goals, as well as tools that will allow us to measure the success of our programs.”