Richard Brewster's bio

Before arriving in the US, in 2003, Richard held leadership positions in the nonprofit sector in the UK. For eight years, he was chief executive of Scope, a national disability charity and one of the UK's largest nonprofits, with revenues of $160 million, 4000 staff and 270 affiliates. As CEO, he oversaw major changes in governance and in the strategy of the organization, and introduced an outcome driven approach to the delivery of programs. Prior to this, he was Director of Marketing at Scope, responsible for all aspects of fundraising and substantial public relations and advocacy activity. He oversaw significantly increased fundraising activity, the expansion of the thrift store chain to more than 300 outlets, established the organization’s first corporate fundraising department  Brewster was responsible for a successful change of name of this household name charity, from the Spastics Society to Scope, and an increase in investment in campaigning activity that contributed to the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act, the UK's equivalent to the ADA.

Richard joined the nonprofit sector in 1986, when he became National Appeals Manager at Oxfam, the UK's leading emergency and development NGO, responsible for all Oxfam’s direct marketing fundraising ,  the management and development of a database of 200,000 supporters, including 70,000 regular givers, and Oxfam's branding and advocacy communications, including campaigns designed to educate donors and the general public about the causes and effects of poverty and injustice and how the agency’s programs addressed these.

Before joining Oxfam, Richard worked in commercial management for ICI, then a major multinational chemical corporation and the UK's largest manufacturing company. 

In 2003/4, Richard was Senior Visiting Practitioner at the Center of Public and Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown University. He has been Executive Director of the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise, whose mission is to help nonprofits make wise economic decisions. He is also a Past Chair of the Board of PRS Inc, the major nonprofit provider of services to people with serious mental illness in Northern Virginia, a past board member of Linden Resources a regional provider of employment opportunities for people with disabilities and a current board member of Community Residences, a regional nonprofit offering a wide range of services to people with disabilities and mental health issues.

Brewster obtained a BA (Hons) in Classics at Oxford University and Part I of an MBA at the Open University, both in the UK.