Washington Area Community Investment Fund (Wacif)

Strategic Planning and Executive Director transition

Brewster is currently helping Wacif develop a three year strategic vision and plan. He is working with the board chair and ED, and the board and staff, to enable them to review and craft new statements of  values, vision and mission and identify critical goals and the strategies to achieve those. 

Brewster first worked with Wacif from 2009 to 2012, when it participated in an Arlington County Capacity Building grant. Its mission is to empower underserved communities and individuals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area by providing access to capital and technical assistance to small businesses, childcare centers, affordable housing developers, and community organizations.

Brewster helped Wacif transition to a new Executive Director successfully in 2010 and supported the turnaround that the new ED achieved. Five years later, the same ED announced that he planned to leave the organization. Richard has provided a framework for the transition, guided the Board and Chair through the transition process and helped them introduce significant improvements in governance in preparation for the arrival of the new Executive in February 2016. Dawnn Leary, Wacif's board chair recently observed that "we wouldn’t be where we are as an organization if it weren’t for Richard's guidance, patience and persistence." Tim Flanagan, the departing Executive Director, added: “I can scarcely think about where Wacif or I would be without Richard’s expert guidance. We started working together in 2009. He has seen the organization through leadership changes, strategic planning, and capacity building. He has been an indispensable resource, trusted by board and staff alike.....I have excelled as a non-profit leader because of Richard’s wisdom and sage advice. I have sought out his counsel on many occasions. He has been a great mentor and friend."